About Enigma

Enigma on Saurfang, a Horde guild was originally created in the year 2007 on Nagrand and has been run and maintained by its original founding GM.

Apart from our track record as a guild – our player base is a rich tapestry of people from all over the world, predominately Australian, but we also have the Kiwi, US, Canadian, Latin America, Lebanese, Canadian and Asian buff as part of our Raid Makeup.

We don’t care if you are a recent spawn in wow or an old hero who battled C’Thun.
It doesn’t matter whether you are male of female, gay or straight, whether you have Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern or Aboriginal background, or what religion you follow – as long as you pride yourself of being a good player, have attention to detail and don’t stand in those damn circles on the ground, feel free to check us out.

If you share the our undying passion for TWENTY-MAN raiding, FANTASTIC!
Our mission statement as guild is for us to remain a TWENTY Man raiding guild until the day Enigma (or wow fizzles) into oblivion. (Going 10-man is simply NOT an option).

While Raiding IS VERY important to us so is maintaining an organised, vibrant and drama free Guild Environment.