(updated 02 October 2013)

This is a basic framework of rules.

SECTION 1: General Rules and Guild Framework:
The Chain of Command is as follows:
  1. Guild Leader
  2. Raid Leader (during Raids)
  3. Group Leader
  4. Raider
  5. Probation

Probation (Probation Rank):

– Players of ProbationRank must maintain at least 90 – 100% Raid attendance
– Players of Probation Rank must not have latency and connection issues
– Players of Probation Rank must enchant and gem their gear properly in order to maximise DPS/Healing or Tanking proficiency.
– Players of Probation Rank not being present (without notification) for 3 consecutive calendar events will be REMOVED from the GUILD.

– Guild Bank Repair: NONE

Promotion to Raider (after 4 weeks) is Subject to:

– Truthfulness on the application form.
– Compatibility with guild Members
– Punctuality and Raid Attendance
– Skill and demonstrated knowledge
– Proper Gemming and Enchanting
– No latency and connection issues

Probation (Probation Rank):

– Players of Raider Rank must maintain at least 90 – 100% Raid attendance
– Players of Raider Rank must not have latency and connection issues
– Players of Raider Rank must enchant and gem their gear properly in order to maximise DPS/Healing or Tanking proficiency.
– Players of Probation Raider Rank not being present (and no notification) for 7 consecutive calendar events will be Demoted to Social Rank or Removed from the GUILD.

– Guild Bank Repair: UNLIMITED *

RAID VIABILITY (Attendance, Raid awareness, Connection, DPS)

  1. All Raiders are required to do research in order to keep their DPS competitive and close to the DPS benchmark.
    Benchmark information can be found:
  2. Players with SUB-Par DPS/Healing/Tanking proficiency or raid awareness will be demoted to social rank should their performance not improve.
  3. It is the duty of core Raiders  to approach their peers or probation peers who disconnect, lag, demonstrate low raid awareness or have sub par DPS / Healing / Tanking proficiency and assist them if possible. Probation raiders must act upon the feedback immediately.
    Feedback is given either verbally or as a forum form submission.
  4. Players with constant lag and disconnection issues will be demoted to social rank should their connectivity not improve.

Attendance and Punctuality, leaving early

  1. Raiders have to be present in game 15 min before commencement of Raid
  2. Raiders are required to stay until the end of the raid, unless an early leave was authorized by the Raid Leader.
  3. Prolonged AFK or non-authorized AFK will not be tolerated.
    (There are specified AFK breaks during raids usually every 2 hours)
  1. BOE Drops in raids belong exclusively to the guild and will be stored in the guild bank, those items are
    Crafting Materials, Epic Gems and BOE Armor/Weapons belong exclusively to the guild.
  2. Crafting patterns will be given to the GUILD CRAFTERS first
  3. Legendary items, Rare Drops, The first time drop of Achievement items (mounts) are considered a Guild Trophy and
    will and will be given to players who are the most likely to remain in the guild for a long time.
    These items are are not part of EPGP system and are ALLOCATED BY THE GMs.
    Allocation will be according to RANK, VIABILITY and CLASS (usefulness).
    The basic allocation is: GM –>Group Leaders –>Elite Raider–> Raider –> Probation

Gear, Enchants and Gems

  1. Raiders must ALWAYS enchant their gear with the BEST IN SLOT ENCHANTS AND GEMS.
  2. Missing Enchants will result in EP penalty.
  3. Raiders must always bring sufficient Flasks and Food to a raid.
Connection Issues (DC’s and High Ping)
  1. Players experiencing high ping will need to notify Kalanu
  2. Players disconnecting more often than 3 times during a fight will be required to vacate the spot for a standby player who can fulfill a similar task in the raid.
  3. Raiders who have an difficulty at a given encounter or boss fight will be asked to sit out for that
    given boss fight or the entire raid. (difficulties such as: standing in FIRE, dying from lack of movement, etc)
Sitting Out / Respec
  1. Raiders might be subbed out for a different class in order to make the encounter easier.
  2. Raider might get asked to Respec for a Boss fight.

Forums / Research

  1. You must check forums on a daily basis (it takes 5 seconds if there is nothing there to note otherwise you will be seeing something required).
  2. You will need to keep your class knowledge and rotation current and research your spec and game mechanics on public forums. (wowforums, etc)
That by agreeing to raid, you are agreeing to set aside the time frame of the raid for maximum concentration.
For some of us, we look forward a great deal to these raiding nights. While people have home lives, there needs to be an understanding that during raid times you are required to have maximum concentration so prepare accordingly.


Once a year the guild management collects funds for Vent and Web hosting.
Every raider and PVP player will be asked to contribute. The contribution is roughly 10 Au$ per year.
(Students and low income earners are exempt)

Leaving the Guild.
  1. Any departure from the Guild has to be in a respectful manner
  2. Raiders leaving the guild need to give prior notification (up to 1 week)
  3. Officers and tanks leaving the guild need to give prior notification (up to 2 weeks)
  4. Former Raiders who elected to go social due to personal reasons and wish to start raiding again will have to re-apply online.
  5. Former Raiders who left the guild on good terms for reasons beyond their control (such as changed working schedules or moving countries) will most likely be permitted back.
  6. Players who leave the guild  for a competing guild or are expelled WILL NOT BE PERMITTED BACK.
 SECTION 2: Behavior that may trigger a disciplinary action or Expulsion from the guild:
Social Aspect:
  1. Non Compliance with the GMs, or Persons in charge.
  2. Instigating or fostering Drama.
  3. Spamming the Guild channel or any PUBLIC world of warcraft channel with frivolous content.
  4. Trolling the Trade Channel
  5. Instigating conflict on the Public World of Warcraft forums.
Theft, Fraud, Deception and Dishonest behavior.
  1. Obtaining services and goods from other WOW players in a deceptive manner.
  2. Lying about skills, experience and age on the Application form.
Bullying and Harassment of fellow players.
  1. Harassment and bullying relating to Race, Ethnic background and Culture
  2. Harassment and bullying relating to sexual orientation and Gender
  3. Players who engage in Ethnic slurs (such as using the “N-word”), using “Gay” (or similar meanings of the word)
    as a derogatory term or who lack the intelligence,
     education or proper manners to comprehend that they are being offensive
    are given ONLY ONE warning before they are removed from the guild. 
II. Guild Aspect:
  1. Representing the Guild in an professional manner
  2. Talking about the Guild in a derogatory way
  3. Elitist behavior towards other players
  4. Leaving PUGs without notice.
  5. Unfair loot distribution in PUGs.
  6. Attempting to recruit Enigma Members for another guild.
  7. Disclosing sensitive Guild information to a third party.
  8. Misrepresenting the guild or fellow members in order to obtain a benefit.

III. Raiding Aspect:

  1. Vocal about loot allocation (loot will be allocated according to EPGP rules
  2. Negativity during Raids
  3. Complaining
  4. Arguing with the GM / Goup Leaders
  5. Non Attendance
  6. Repeated tardiness
  7. No research on Boss fights
  8. Connection issues/Lag/ AFK
  9. Unauthorized Leave
  10. Screaming and Shouting on Vent
  11. Being drunk and disorderly
We consider a very serious offense:

Rage Quitting a Raid in progress (This will most likely result in /gkick)
Missing Raids without notification.
Not logging in for several days (Raiders only)

– Kalanu –
Guild Leader Enigma.
(Whenever someone says “pls” because it’s shorter than “please”, I say “no” because it’s shorter than “yes”.)